30 things on sale this weekend that you don’t want to miss

Bella Kyle

Who doesn’t love a sale?!

We rounded up 30 of the best deals this week, with savings of up to 68{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off in every category, from earbuds and heated jackets to portable toilets and detangling hairbrushes.

Now, is your wallet ready? Are your fingers warmed up? Because these deals are going fast!

DUKAP Rodez Lightweight Hardside Spinner, on sale for $56.99 (43{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

DUKAP Rodez Lightweight Hardside Spinner, on sale for $56.99 (43{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Once travel restrictions lift, you will be ready to fly with this awesome suitcase that is available in three sizes and three colors.

Georg Jensen Saber, on sale for $129.99 (12{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Wineglasses and a stainless steel saber

Impress your dinner guests with this theatrical, stainless steel saber designed to pop open the champagne bottle of your choice.

Acu-Ball Vibrating Portable Foot Massager, on sale for $29.99 (40{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Foot massager

Sit back and relax with this vibrating foot massager. Plus, thanks to its portable design, you can bring it with you on-the-go!

Shut-Eye Lullaby Music Sleep Mask, on sale for $34.99 (56{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Eye mask

Not only does this eye mask aim to help you fall asleep faster, but it is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to relaxing sounds, music, or podcasts as you fall asleep.

Freedom+ True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case & Pad, on sale for $54.99 (27{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Freedom+ True Wireless Earbuds

Rock out to your favorite tunes with these lightweight earbuds that come with a super convenient charging pad.

LaSalle Rustic Leather Tote, on sale for $120 (39{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

A tote

With each purchase of this ethically made leather tote that comes in nine styles, Pegai works to lift children out of poverty.

Beanie Jam Bluetooth Knit Hat, on sale for $24.99 (58{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

A bluetooth beanie on a woman

Available in four colors, this Bluetooth beanie features a wireless connection with your mobile device that will allow you to listen to music and answer calls.

SUC-IT Patented Silicone Suction Phone Holder (Pink) with Clips (Black), on sale for $9.99 (28{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

A phone holder

Take selfies or stream content hands-free with this innovative phone holder that can stick to just about any surface.

Golf-Grip Training Aid, on sale for $20 

A man holds a golf club

This Amazon’s Choice product, which is rated 4/5 stars, is designed to help beginners achieve the perfect grip.

ODii Limited Edition Grabber Hero 5-in-1 Tool (Bundle of 2), on sale for $64.95 (18{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

A man uses a 5-in-1 grabber tool

Grab those things you just can’t seem to reach with this 5-in-1 grabber tool that can hold up to 10lbs.

Apple Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones, on sale for $77.99 (13{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Apple Powerbeats 3 earphones

Experience high-quality sound with these earphones that offer up to 12 hours of continuous playtime.

Dell Optiplex 9030 All in One PC, 3GHz Intel i5 Quad Core Gen 4, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit, 23″ Screen (Renewed), on sale for $599.99 (29{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

A dell computer

Upgrade your WFH experience with this awesome 23″ screen by Dell.

Haz-Suit: Protective CBRN Hazmat Suit, on sale for $125

A man wearing a protective CBRN Hazmat suit

This Haz-Suit is crafted with a durable, puncture-resistant film composite that can protect against over 125 chemicals, including deadly gases and industrial chemicals.

KODAK PrintaCase Printer, on sale for $119.99 (7{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

An array of colorful iPhone cases

Design the phone case of your dreams with this super-cool at-home printer that is beyond easy to use.

Alpcour Portable Toilet, on sale for $200 

A portable toilet

Rated 4.6/5 stars on Amazon, this portable toilet is designed for when you need to go while on-the-go.

Shyn Sonic Toothbrush with 10 Gum Care Brush Heads (Midnight Black), on sale for $59.99 (64{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

A woman smiles to show off her teeth

Make your smile sparkle with this award-winning sonic toothbrush that offers 31,000 vibrations per minute.

blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera Outdoor System, on sale for $59.99 (33{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

A blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera

Keep an eye on your home with this outdoor camera’s siren, flashing alarm, facial recognition capabilities, and night vision.

LED Selfie Mirror, on sale for $29.99 (57{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

An LED Selfie Mirror

Take showstopping selfies with this LED selfie mirror that is equipped with a stand for your smartphone.

CORE Power AC/USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger, on sale for $199.99 

CORE Power AC/USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger

This CES Innovation Awards Honoree can power up to four of your devices simultaneously thanks to its 27,000mAh rechargeable battery.

Detangle Brush, on sale for $10.99 (78{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

A Detangle Brush

Eliminate knots without pulling on your hair when you use this detangling brush that features an ergonomic handle and innovative bristles.

Brocchi Electric Trimmer & Beard Brush Bundle, on sale for $64.99 (70{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Brocchi Beard Brush

This bundle includes an electric trimmer, two guard combs, oil, a cleaning brush, and a wood bear brush.

Reusable PM2.5 Cotton Masks (3-Pack), on sale for $14.95 (50{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Reusable PM2.5 Cotton Masks
Reusable PM2.5 Cotton Masks

These ultra-soft cotton masks have a built-in insert for your activated carbon filter so you can enjoy effective protection.

TOKK REACTOR Compact Wireless Speakers, on sale for $34.99 (12{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

TOKK REACTOR Compact Wireless Speakers
TOKK REACTOR Compact Wireless Speakers

Thanks to their miniature design and 5-hour battery life, these handheld speakers are perfect for people who are always on-the-go.

Quirky PowerShell Folding Work Light, on sale for $24.99 (58{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Quirky PowerShell Folding Work Light
Quirky PowerShell Folding Work Light

Get to work with this awesome folding light that offers 6 cool-to-the-touch, high-powered LEDs.

Caddie View: Golf Swing Analyzer, on sale for $70 

Caddie View: Golf Swing Analyzer
Caddie View: Golf Swing Analyzer

Improve your form with this gadget’s patented gear system, extendable pole, and companion smartphone app.

Caldo Heated Jacket, on sale for $79.99 (68{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Caldo Heated Jacket
Caldo Heated Jacket

Beat the cold-weather blues with this jacket that connects to a power bank in order to heat you up.

Winter Touch 3-Finger Touchscreen Gloves, on sale for $14.99 (66{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Winter Touch 3-Finger Touchscreen Gloves

Stop taking off your mittens when you check your phone with these 3-finger touchscreen gloves.

Terra Ties: 100{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} Organic & Biodegradable Hair Ties, on sale for $10.99 (26{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

A woman shows off her hair tie

These hair ties are plastic-free and biodegradable, so you don’t need to feel quite as guilty when one suddenly disappears without a trace.

Plug N’ Heat Personal Space Heater, on sale for $32.99 (58{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

Plug N’ Heat Personal Space Heater

This personal heater offers 360° rotation, 2 speed levels, and a convenient remote control.

SUN UV LED Nail Dryer, on sale for $39.99 (60{b08c89f270a5b5ff2df393ccea3dca8c50ad5c6b1a8b1977a97715fb5b650a9c} off)

SUN UV LED Nail Dryer

Stop smudging your freshly painted nails with this UV LED dryer that works twice as fast as competitors.

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