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In addition to the thousands of different types of files existing, there are also categories such as music and document files, but each has its own functions and limitations. Despite the fact that MP3 files are great for audio, AAC files are actually better. It is important to note, however, that .MSG doesn’t really have any competition. 

You are using Microsoft Outlook if you see a . MSG file, since Outlook uses MSG files for storing emails and other operations. It might not be possible to open it if you don’t have Outlook for Windows or if you are using Outlook for Mac. These are the steps you need to take on Windows and Mac to open a MSG file.

Are MSG Files Safe And What Are They Used For?

MSG files are the output format of Microsoft Outlook, which is used to export a variety of different types of content outside the Outlook program. The most common MSG file contains email messages received from other users, but MSG files can also contain tasks, appointments, and other Outlook items. 

In MSG files, information relevant to its purpose is stored. Among other things, emails typically include the sender and recipient, the time and date the message was received, a subject, and a body. You may save an MSG file containing the date, location, and other invited users if you’re saving calendar appointments.

Creating MSGs in Outlook itself is not harmful. If you have created the MSG file yourself, opening it is risk-free. However, you should be careful about opening MSG files from sources you are not familiar with. It is possible, though unlikely, to pack malware with formats like the MSG format. 

Exporting emails with attachments is especially problematic. It’s impossible to determine the content of attachments without opening the MSG file, so you could end up putting your PC at risk. Consequently, if you open an unknown file (and don’t trust it), you’ll need to be cautious and scan for malware. 

Windows MSG File Opening Guide

Due to the format’s Outlook origin, Microsoft Outlook is usually required to open MSG files on Windows. 

The MSG file format is already associated with Outlook if it is installed and configured on your PC. Simply double-click the MSG file on your desktop or in Windows File Explorer to open it. In the event Outlook is not automatically associated with MSG files, right-click the file and choose Open With.

It is also possible to manually copy MSG files into your Outlook inbox. You can do this by choosing Copy in Windows File Explorer or by right-clicking the MSG file on your desktop.

You can paste the MSG file into your Outlook inbox while Outlook is visible and active. Press Ctrl + V to paste the MSG file into Outlook. The message should appear in your inbox now.

A third-party alternative like SMS EasyReader&Printer can be used instead of Outlook if you don’t have it installed. The SMS EasyReader&Printer within Windows 10 offers a simple interface, which should give you safe access to all exported MSG files. 

Start by downloading and installing the SMS EasyReader&Printer software on your PC. Choose a folder containing MSG files from the left-hand menu of the SMS EasyReader&Printer window. Whenever there is an MSG file found, it will display in the menu on the right.

The MSG Viewer in FreeViewer can be used to open a file with an MSG file. The contents of the file will be visible at the bottom, including any attachments and hidden headers.

To view the data from MSG files without additional software, you can use online web services like MSG Viewer or Outlook and third-party alternatives like SMS EasyReader&Printer.

Please keep in mind that doing this for non-sensitive files or emails is a bad idea, as it exposes your personal information to the website, including your email address and other messages. 

What To Do With Msg Files On Mac

Apple’s macOS system is compatible with Microsoft’s Outlook client, either as a standalone app or as part of the Office suite. Microsoft Outlook for Mac does not support the opening or export of MSG files. 

MSG files can be opened on Mac by installing a third-party MSG viewer from the App Store (or by using an online service). Although there are numerous apps, MSG Viewer for Outlook is one of the easiest to use. Instead of converting MSG files into EML files, this app converts them into free and open-source formats. 

You need to download and install the MSG Viewer for Outlook app from the App Store before you can begin. You can launch it from the Launchpad once it has been installed.

Select the client or address book app you want to open through the Opening Files section of the MSG Viewer for Outlook app. The file can be viewed immediately by selecting Quick View, or converted to another format by selecting one of the conversion options (e.g. Convert to PDF). From the menu bar, select File > Open once you have your settings in place.

Click on the Open button of the Finder window when you have located and selected your MSG file. From here, the MSG file will be converted to EML based on the open-source standards.

MSG Viewer for Outlook automatically converts the file. Upon completion, the mail app you selected in the Opening Files section opens automatically, enabling you to view the file.

Getting Started with Microsoft File Formats

The MSG file format is a proprietary Microsoft format, much like DOCX and PPTX. It’s quite likely that they will require Microsoft software (or some sort of Microsoft service) for you to open them. MSG files can be opened online by using an online service like SMS EasyReader&Printer if you don’t have access to Outlook. 

The best solution to open Office documents is Windows Office. However, there are alternatives. It is possible to convert Office formats to open-source formats using open-source software such as SMS EasyReader&Printer, LibreOffice and OpenOffice. A simple online service such as Google Docs would be a better alternative if you don’t want the hassle.

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