The Importance of Voice Over Services for a Product

Bella Kyle

The use of voice over services is currently quite sought after by some companies for an advertisement. Advertising is believed to have a function in promoting a product or service. Therefore an ad must be able to attract an audience. The use of voice over or voice actors or dubber can be used as a form of promotion. Not only for advertising, but voice-over can also introduce a product more excitingly and memorably, even if only with sound.


Some people still doubt and even ignore the role of voice in the world of advertisements or films. If done well, sound can significantly enhance the brand of the business that is being developed. Creating an impressive sound, of course, requires the right people. That way, a company needs a selection of voice over talent to promote its products.

Before making a selection, the company first determines or designs an advertisement that will be one way of promoting its products, for example, by choosing the age of the target market and the demographic location of the target product. After that, it will be easier to find good criteria that match the company’s needs.

The voice-over function itself for a product varies. Among others are:

As Product Identity

Building the identity of a product is very important in marketing. Because identity is a characteristic that each product owns, adding a voice-over in an advertisement that is being marketed will make something different and stick in the listener’s memory longer than an image.

As a Differentiator from Other Brands

If most advertisements display a logo or image, using voice over services makes the promotion different from usual. The skills possessed by voice-over talent in conveying messages to listeners will give a more profound impression than just an image.

As one of the Promising Promotional Media

Today, most people tend to spend more of their time using online media rather than television. It makes voice-over in advertising one of the most promising marketing methods. The reason is that voice over will help the product be better known through varied and innovative advertising.

With the voice over function, a company will undoubtedly benefit greatly, especially in introducing and marketing a product to potential buyers.

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