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VoIPVirtual is the best source of VoIP related information on the internet, and it’s freely available for you to visit whenever you like. VoIP services have spread like wildfire in the last few years, especially since more businesses have had to find creative ways to connect workers regardless of where they are. With all of these VoIP providers on the market, how can you know which ones are right for you?

Our aim is to help you find the best VoIP providers so that you can take your business communications to the next level. Of course, anyone can search for “Best VoIP Providers” and get a bunch of results, but the real question is which one is best for you? Every business has different needs and unique budgets.

We take all of that into consideration when we write about a specific VoIP service. Our recommendations are never blanket statements that declare one company to be the best for all businesses. Instead, we try to focus on who might benefit most from a particular company’s offering. So when we cover a service provider, like GrassHopper, we focus specifically on startups and newly founded small businesses, because that’s who the service is best for.

VoIPVirtual Reviews

Our reviews are always conducted fairly and impartially. While we do use ads to fund this website, we don’t allow any company to “buy” our favor. Our reviewers request free trials from VoIP services in order to test their features and functionality firsthand. We even reach out to customer support with some basic questions to see how quickly they respond and how well they were able to resolve our issues.

Our reviews cover everything from features, to call quality, to pricing. Accurate pricing data is sometimes difficult to obtain as many providers like to encourage you to call their sales team, especially if you have a very large company with many users. We do our best to reach out to VoIP providers, but when we can’t get that information, we note it in the review and generally consider it a negative, as transparent pricing should be the norm.

Some of our reviews are focused exclusively on a single company, for instance, RingCentral. On the other hand, we also publish reviews that compare various services for specific use cases.

Specific Use Cases

Do you need a business phone system that replaces your desk phones? Are you just looking for the cheapest option to make and receive calls on a virtual number? How important are advanced features like artificial intelligence?

Regardless of your answer, we’ve got you covered. We publish comparative reviews that address specific use cases to help you find the right solution for your business. Whether you need to find the best VoIP provider for small businesses or need a solution for a multinational enterprise, our articles have the answers.

The Latest News

Keep coming back to VoIPVirtual for the latest news coming out of the VoIP world. If you would like us to cover one service in particular, let us know and we’ll get on it.

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